Get a home inspection of your home in Arlington, Dalworthington Gardens, and Pantego, TX

Understand Your Home From Every Angle

No matter the size, your house represents a large investment of your time and money. If your exterior gets damaged without your knowledge, you'll leave your house open to storm damage and invasive wildlife. Often the homeowner is unaware that damage is occurring to their home. It might be storm damage to the roof or siding or water damage caused by an undetected leak. Contact Peak Property Inspections for a home inspection in Arlington, TX.

We take high definition pictures of any damage we find.

Contact Peak Property Inspections now to schedule a home inspection. An experienced home inspector will come to your home in Arlington, Dalworthington Gardens, and Pantego, TX at your convenience.

When is the best time to get a home inspection?

While most people get a home inspection before they buy a new house, there are other times where an inspection is just as important. In addition to a pre-purchase home inspection, you should also schedule your:

  • 11-month warranty inspection, to check your house right before the builder's warranty expires
  • Pre-sale inspection, to check your house before you put it on the market
  • General inspection, to check your house every few years

To speak with a reputable home inspector about your pre-purchase inspection, call 817-422-4708 now. If we find any damage, we'll add repair recommendations to our report.