About Peak Property Inspections

My company, Peak Property Inspections, is a licensed home inspection company serving the DFW area with home inspections and related services. I am committed to excellence and thoroughness throughout the inspection process. I have a background in home construction and its related areas, to include holding a heating and air-conditioning license. That gives me a familiarity with homes and their systems that aids me in the inspection process and promotes superior results.

You need a home inspector that will give you the information required to assist you in the buying or selling process. Having an inspection done prior to selling your home will prevent any surprises and possible delays due to the defects found by the buyers' inspection. I limit myself to one inspection a day to ensure that I have adequate time to do a quality inspection and be able to produce the report in a timely manner. I realize that many buyers are time limited. My goal is to have the report ready that evening or, at the latest, the following day.

In addition to home inspection, I am certified in spas and pools, infrared thermal imaging, irrigation, and decks. I have many tools to accomplish the inspection task, most of which are not required by law, but which I consider necessary to do a quality inspection. For example, consider the roof. It serves to cover the home, and any problems with it will affect the underlying structure. That is why inspecting the roof is a priority with me. Texas law allows us to inspect the roof from the ground with binoculars. This is totally unacceptable to me. I have several ladders, including one 32 feet long. On rare occasions, the roof will be impossible to walk upon. In such cases, I will stand at the top of the ladder and use my 25-foot extension pole with a camera attached to take a close look.

My inspection includes using an infrared thermal imaging camera. This allows me to see problems that are not readily seen by the naked eye, such as water leaks, hot electrical wires, missing insulation in the walls and ceiling, and air leaks around doors. This valuable service is included free with my inspection. My inspection will also include, free of charge, any spa and pool, irrigation system, or deck located on the property.

I encourage my clients to come to the property for a briefing after the inspection is completed. This allows me to fully explain my findings and answer any questions or concerns. The appropriate time will be discussed when the inspection is scheduled.

‚ÄčI understand that the home buying process can squeeze budgets. Therefore, I keep my rates rock bottom to make the inspection more affordable for my clients. My rates are $300 for the first 1500 square feet and add 10 cents for each square foot above 1500 to include any out buildings. All associated inspections (thermal, pool, irrigation) are included at no cost.